The cheese for excellence, the undisputed star of Italian food and wine. Our master cheesemakers preserve the knowledge and secrets of a thousand-year-old art.

Milk, rennet and salt. The same recipe, handed down from generation to generation. A constant presence on our tables, Parmigiano Reggiano is a product with unique characteristics and nutritional values. It is produced with high quality cow's milk, 100% Italian and from cows fed only on local feed. There are about 350
dairies that are allowed to obtain the Protected Designation of Origin mark by the Consortium, respecting the strict selection of raw materials and the complex production process. The production area is limited to the provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia and Modena. The Bologna area includes only the territories to the left of the Reno, the Mantua area only to the right of the Po.

Characteristics and nutritional values of Parmigiano Reggiano

A hard, cooked, non-pressed cheese. Famous for its straw-yellow shades, it is characterised by a minutely granular, flaky texture. The flavour of the paste is delicate, the aroma is fragrant and tasty.

Its nutritional values are unique, to say the least: naturally lactose-free, it is extremely nutritious. A product rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamins, preservative-free and 100% natural. Also ideal for feeding children, from the first months of life, especially after long maturation.

Our selection

On our Mondo Piccolo farm in Roccabianca, we produce a Parmigiano Reggiano of the highest quality, recognised by the consortium with the Premium label. A unique product, dedicated to lovers of good food, pleasing to the palate even after ageing.